Can An A/C Checkup Really Save You Money?

Spring is finally here! That means it’s time to shake off the dust bunnies lying around your house and do a little spring cleaning. If you’re like most, you realize the importance of this seasonal cleaning period, but do you realize how important it is to “spring clean” your a/c unit?  Not only will it ensure you have cool air this summer, it can actually save you MONEY!

First, you will increase the chance that a service tech will catch any small problems before they turn into big ones. And second, you’ll also ensure that your unit is running at optimal efficiency, which means it’s using less energy…. which means your energy bill will be lower. Now who doesn’t like a low energy bill?!

At Advantage Service Company, we offer the highest quailty service with trained technicians who know how to care for your home.

Our spring a/c checkup includes:

* Visual inspection of each system for damage

* Check refrigerant charges (refrigerant charged extra)

* Check electrical connections

* Clean condensor coils

* Check evaporator temperature drop

* Oil motors where accessible

* Check belts & filters

* Amperage check on compressor & motor

* Check air flow

Call or email us today to schedule your checkup for only $79.50!

Offer ends May 30th.

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