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The average household uses approximately 400 gallons of water per day. From showering and flushing toilets to washing dishes and laundry, the plumbing system is responsible for a heavy workload. Even a small leak is a big problem and needs to be addressed immediately. Count on the repair specialists from Advantage Service Company for skilled services in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas.

Professional Leak Repair Services

Advantage Service Company provides a full range of plumbing expertise, including leak detection and repairs. Our highly trained team of over 50 professionals protects your home from needless expense and water damage. If you’ve noticed unexplained wet spots, cracks in the foundation, the sounds of dripping water, a spike in your water usage, or other indications of leaking pipes, call 501-663-2255 for prompt action. Our availability includes 24/7 emergency assistance across Little Rock, Conway, North Little Rock, Cabot, Sherwood, Maumelle, Jacksonville, and Levy, AR.

For your leak repair needs, call on the Advantage Service Company team!

Advantage Service Company is happy to take a look, assess the problem, and provide estimates. With over seventy years in the field, we’ve built our knowledge and resources to accurately pinpoint leaks and minimize disruption. Handling residential and commercial plumbing needs, we deliver solutions that satisfy and sustain reliability over long-term use. We’ve earned a reputation for quality job performance by treating our customers right. One Call Does It All!

Leaky Pipe Services in Little Rock, AR | Leak Identification Conway, AR | Leak Repair North Little Rock, AR

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Chuck promptly diagnosed the problem and went to Little Rock to get a new blower motor. He returned quickly and fixed it and got our system back up and running. He’s a good man.


They always call ahead of time so I can bring my dogs inside if needed. Explained what was going to be done and what to expect. He found two switches that were burning out due to the age of the units and recommended they be replaced before the hot months. He showed me so I could inspect myself and had them replaced on the spot. Very courteous and easy to understand. Renewed my yearly contract with them for at least the 15th straight year!!


Relocated and reconnected our back flow device for our irrigation system that was backed over by a vehicle. Prompt trip for the quote. Worked us into the schedule the next week. Lawn irrigation system up and running the next week. Backflow device now out of the way in a better location. Price for the job was very reasonable. Good guys on the job. Great work.


Mayflower, AR

Maumelle, AR

Jacksonville, AR

Levy, AR

Vilonia, AR

Roland, AR

Greenbrier, AR

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Leak Repair, Leak Identification & Leaky Pipe Services Little Rock, AR, Conway, AR, North Little Rock, AR, Cabot, AR, Sherwood, AR & Little Rock, AR

Leak Identification in Little Rock, AR | Leak Repair Conway, AR | Leaky Pipe Services North Little Rock, AR

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