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Global Plasma Air

Bringing in clean air solutions to Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas, Advantage Service Company offers Global Plasma Air Ionization. Introducing an intensive concentration of positive and negative ions by way of the ventilation system, this patented technology achieves whole-house improvement. Pathogens are rendered inactive. Particles conglomerate and are more effectively filtered out.

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GPS’ NPBI technology works to reduce germs and particles, neutralize odors, destroy VOCs, control allergens and kill bacteria, viruses, and mold. The process mimics naturally occurring ions that are created from sunlight and water flow to clean outdoor air. There’s no production of ozone or harmful byproducts. The operation is entirely safe and significantly elevates indoor air quality.

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Advantage Service Company takes a proactive approach to the health, cleanliness, and comfort of indoor living and working spaces across Little Rock, Conway, North Little Rock, Cabot, Sherwood, Maumelle, Jacksonville, and Levy, AR. Over the span of 30 minutes, Global Plasma Air Ionization has been shown to remove 99.4% of Covid-19. We offer free estimates on HVAC-R new installation and replacement equipment, and total confidence in your air quality, get in touch at 501-663-2255. 


Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Maumelle, AR | Global Plasma Air Ionization Services Jacksonville, AR | Global Plasma Air Ionization Services Little Rock, AR

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They always call ahead of time so I can bring my dogs inside if needed. Explained what was going to be done and what to expect. He found two switches that were burning out due to the age of the units and recommended they be replaced before the hot months. He showed me so I could inspect myself and had them replaced on the spot. Very courteous and easy to understand. Renewed my yearly contract with them for at least the 15th straight year!!


Chuck promptly diagnosed the problem and went to Little Rock to get a new blower motor. He returned quickly and fixed it and got our system back up and running. He’s a good man.


Relocated and reconnected our back flow device for our irrigation system that was backed over by a vehicle. Prompt trip for the quote. Worked us into the schedule the next week. Lawn irrigation system up and running the next week. Backflow device now out of the way in a better location. Price for the job was very reasonable. Good guys on the job. Great work.


Little Rock, AR

Sherwood, AR

Levy, AR

North Little Rock, AR

Maumelle, AR

Conway, AR

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Global Plasma Air Ionization Services, Indoor Air Quality Solutions & Global Plasma Air Ionization Services Little Rock, AR, Jacksonville, AR, Conway, AR, North Little Rock, AR, Levy, AR & Cabot, AR

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Sherwood, AR | Global Plasma Air Ionization Services Cabot, AR | Global Plasma Air Ionization Services Maumelle, AR

Indoor Air Quality SolutionsGlobal Plasma Air Ionization ServicesGlobal Plasma Air Ionization Services ∴ Sherwood, AR ∴ Conway, AR ∴ Cabot, AR