Dear Valued Customer,

In light of the recent pandemic with the virus COVID-19 (aka the Coronavirus), Advantage Service Company (ASC) would like to share a few important aspects for how we are handling this situation.

First, as it relates to our technicians and their in-home service calls:

  • An ASC Supervisor will personally check each technician every M-F workday to ensure they are healthy (not sick), and above all, fever-free.
  • Our Service Technicians are advised to avoid any close physical contact with clients throughout the work day. That includes no handshakes and endeavoring to stay 6 feet away from others. So, while we will not be extending our normal handshake and side-by side-consultations in your home, we DO PLAN to continue offering a friendly smile and personalized service!
  • Our employees will be sanitizing their hands and using face masks before entering homes/businesses and while in our office.
  • We do ask our customers to notify us if they are sick or have traveled out of the country recently, so we can kindly avoid contaminating others. Our scheduling crew is now asking this information as they schedule ALL service calls.
  • We continue to increase our PPE such as “gaiter” face coverings, stylus pens for tablet use, hand sanitizer, cloth masks, disposable masks, and gloves.

Secondly, Advantage Service Company now offers several proven methods to keep the air in your home or business clean of germs and other harmful elements. We now offer:

  • Air Filtration: Advantage Service Company now offers the ease and convenience of home-delivery replacement air filters. Our filters are rated MERV10 Efficient, for higher air flow that removes 85% of 3-10 Micron Particles. These are the same high-quality filters used in hospitals around the country to help stop the spread of airborne illnesses!
  • Global Plasma Air Ionization: Great for particle reduction, pathogen reduction, neutralizing odors and energy savings! Click here to learn more!
  • Steril-Aire UV lights: These systems are scientifically proven to control and eliminate germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses within your HVAC system. Click here to learn more!
  • iWave: Kills mold, bacteria, viruses, reduces odors and even reduces allergens and static electricity. Click here to learn more!
  • REME Halo: These whole home in-duct air purifiers are the best solutions to purify the air for every cubic inch of the air that your central air conditioning system reaches! Click here to learn more!

We realize the seriousness of this matter and assure you we are following state and health official’s guidance and taking all additional precautions that we can for our work family, their families, and customers. Please call us at 501-663-2255 if we can assist you.

Kevin Brooks
General Manager | Advantage Service Company

Little Rock, AR, North Little Rock, AR, Conway, AR, Cabot, AR & Sherwood, AR