5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Winter is in full swing and with the cold temperature comes high heating bills to keep you and your family warm. Here are a few helpful ways to lower your electric bill and potentially save you money on high heater repairs this season.

1. Monitor Degree Difference

Keep your heating system’s thermostat at a recommended setting of 68oF. You are adding 3 to 4% to your monthly electric bill for each degree you raise the thermostat above the recommended setting.

2. Stop Draft Madness

If your home is drafty, caulk around windows and weather strip around each door.

3. Use Free Sunshine

Keep your blinds or drapes open on sunny days to allow the sun to help warm your home. Then at night, draw your drapes or blinds closed.

4. Close Fireplace Damper

Your fireplace damper is like an open window when left open so be sure to close it to keep warm air from escaping.

5. Programmable Thermostat

Consider buying a programmable thermostat that will reduce the run time of your heating system.

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