5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Winter is in full swing and with the cold temperature comes high heating bills to keep you and your family warm. Here are a few helpful ways to lower your electric bill and potentially save you money on high heater repairs t

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Avoid Frozen Plumbing Pipe Repair

With temperatures dropping, frozen pipes are a serious possibility these days, which can be a real inconvenience. If a pipe bursts in your home, it can do serious plumbing damage that requires costly repairs. Taking a few pre

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Since 1980, Advantage Service Company has been the leader in servicing the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs of homes and businesses in central Arkansas. Advantage Service is a family owned business, and today has a team of more than 50 technicians and staff members who are dedicated to giving you the highest level of service.

Professional HVAC service is not only essential to keeping your home or business safe and comfortable, it also contributes significantly to lowering your utility bills and decreasing energy loss.