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Nobody likes brown and dead grass as it is unpleasant looking and can take value away from your home. Advantage Service Co will tackle any sprinkler system and will work with you to get the final product that you desire. We also offer a unique Service Agreement Plan in which we visit twice a year to protect yourself and your sprinkler system from unexpected problems. With over 35 years of experience, trust Advantage Service Co with your sprinkler service and installation!

Spring Sprinkler Startup Visit

Our spring start-up visit is thorough and complete. We start by re-installing your R.P.Z.A* (Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies – backflow preventer) and then turn on your sprinkler water meter. From there we adjust the time clock and run the system and check all zones. We verify that there are no leaks, make sure all sprinkler heads work properly, flush and close any faucets or access points, and make sure the mainline is intact. Lastly, we make sure that all zones have shut off properly and re-check the meter for movement.

Winter Shut-down Visit

During our winter visit, we make sure to do an in-depth shut down of your system. Our first step is turning off the time clock and sprinkler water supply at the meter. Next, we disconnect your R.P.Z.A* and store it in a secure place. Once that is done we flush the system and cover your R.P.Z.A* connections. Our final steps are draining the mainline or other access points, cycling the valves whether appropriate and confirming that the controller is in the “OFF” position

**Due to the possibility of improper installation design flaws in a system, ASC Sprinklers cannot warrant or guarantee against freeze damage.**

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